16U Roster

Last Name First Name Jsy# Position T/B
Caon David 8 2B/SS/3B R/R
Clement Jacob 29 C R/R
Dubois Sebastien 12 3B/2B/LF/C R/L
Foster Matthew 54 P/1B R/L
Griffin Caden 78 P/CF L/R
Legault David 74 SS/2B/3B R/L
Lindgren Benjamin 42 1B/P L/L
MacMillan Cameron 76 OF/P R/L
Nguyen Kai 77 P/SS/B/2B R/L
Poirier Jonah 81 P/SS/2B R/R
Smith Daniel 86 P/1B/3B R/L
Struss Nolan 61 CF/P R/L
Surrett Clay 25 OF/P R/L
Toms Joe 80 P/C/SS/3B R/L
Vallejos Carlos 73 C/2B R/R
Wiggins Matthew 58 P/OF/1B R/L
Wright-Desjardins Jacob 79 RF R/R

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