18U Roster

Last Name First Name Jsy# Position T/B
Adams Angus 13 P/3B R/R
Bujold-Roux Vincent 39 P/SS R/L
Burnside Ty 23 1B/OF/P L/R
Dineen Justin 41 C/3B R/R
Fairholm Trevor 24 SS/2B/OF R/R
Goyer Jérémie 27 OF/1B R/L
Jones Connor 38 C/CF/2B R/L
Kennedy Liam 85 P/1B/3B/OF R/L
Kerbl Jackson 40 P L/L
Morden Spencer 34 3B/OF R/R
Nguyen Ken 50 P/SS/3B/2B R/L
O’Donnell Graham 75 SS/P/3B/2B R/R
Ortolani Luca 6 SS/2B R/R
Plunkett Luke 90 P/1B/3B R/R
Stockdale Bennett 19 2B/SS/P R/R
Surrett Jake 37 2B/3B/P R/L
Walsh Jack 11 3B/P/C/OF R/R
Yang Ray 87 P/SS/2B R/R

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