ONC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (ONC Baseball)

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This year marks the 50
th Anniversary for the Ottawa Nepean Canadians, which will be celebrated on Canada Day weekend. To celebrate this milestone two events have been organized.

The first event is the Hall of Fame Ceremony, to be held at the Ukranian Hall at 1000 Byron Ave in Ottawa on Friday, June 28th. At this event we will be reminiscing and reviewing the History of ONC and honouring a group of individuals that were instrumental in building the ONC name and history. The evening will be fun-filled and will include dinner, door prizes, a silent auction and a walk down memory lane. The 7 individuals that will be honoured at this event will be:


Builder Donald Campbell

Builder Art Neilsen

Player  David MacQuarrie

Player  Doug Frobel

Player  Pete Hoy

Player  Michael Kusiewicz

Player  Cameron Pelton


The second event will be the ever-popular Alumni game which will be held at Hamilton Yards on Saturday June 29th at noon. This game is an event that is held every decade and gives those past players a chance to put on the ONC uniform again and play some ball. 


Both events are critical to the continuity of our program by allowing present players and families to get to know those that came before them and fully understand the impact that ONC has had on their lives. It also allows those past players to see today's amazing group of individuals which allows them to have comfort in the ONC brand and future.  In order to ensure that players and families were available to attend we have purposefully left our ball schedule open on that Friday and Saturday. Current players will play a critical role to ensuring a successful weekend and thus, we ask that you book the Friday night Hall of Fame ceremony into your calendars, along with the Alumni game on Saturday. For the Saturday, current players will be assigned tasks to ensure a smooth and successful event.


For tickets, please email [email protected] with your contact information and number of tickets required.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque (ONC Baseball) or e-transfer to [email protected] and we will coordinate getting you the tickets.  Any and all questions please that you may have can be directed to the same address.


Thanks in advance and we do look forward to seeing you there.

Ernie Schroeder
President Ottawa Nepean Canadians