ONC Program (ONC Baseball)

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The Ottawa Nepean Canadians Baseball Club was established in 1970 and offers an elite baseball development program that runs throughout the year.  

The ONC program consists of four parts:

1) Fall Ball - from September 1st to late October, depending on the weather. Teams will train twice a week, play exhibition games,  and play in a US tournament. The emphasis of this portion of the program is for coaches and instructors to continue their assessment of the players' areas for development, and to compete against teams they may not see during regular League Play.  

2) Off-Season Training - runs from early December until the end of April.  Twice a week the players will train indoors, working on skills development, positional play and game play training. The players will attend hitting or pitching sessions throughout the week, and have sessions for strength, conditioning, and mental preparation. Our pitchers will work extensively with our pitching coordinator, 12 year pro baseball player - Evan Grills.  Our hitters will work with our hitting coordinator, current pro baseball player - Marcel Lacasse. 

Much of a player's development and improvement will occur in this portion of the program. 

3) Spring Trip - all teams will travel to the US during the school March break for training and game play.  Travel costs for the player and any parents who come to watch, are the responsibility of the family (for example - gas, hotels, meals).

4) League Play - runs from May and June.  Our teams play four league games each weekend, for a typical 28/30 game season. ONC plays in the Premier Baseball League of Ontario, which ensures our teams and players face strong competition and continue their development during League play. Approximately half the games will be held in Ottawa, with the other half being held in various cities across Ontario. 

League championships are determined through a weekend tournament, with all teams making the playoffs.  

The PBLO runs All-Star games midway through league play. 

Travel costs for league play for the player and parent(s) is the responsibility of the family (for example - gas, hotels, meals).

5) US Showcase Tournaments - in July and early August teams will travel to the US to play in four or five showcase tournaments on the weekends.  This is an opportunity to play games against some of the best baseball talent in the US northeast and mid-west. Playing in these events provides our players with exposure to US college scouts from all levels of the NCAA, NJCAA and the NAIA.

At 16U & 18U our teams will twice travel together by bus to a common tournament.  This experience helps prepare them for the personal organization that will be expected of them if they go on to play baseball at the collegiate level. Bus and hotel costs for these shared trips are covered in the team fees. All other travel costs for the player and parent(s) is responsibility of the family. Teams will also practice once or twice during the week.

After US tournament play, there is a break and then we hold tryouts for the following year's program in late August.


Many of our players participate in other sports.  We encourage this and simply ask that the player communicate with their coach when they may absent from a team activity (training, practice); we would like the players to prioritize their ONC commitments during league play and tournament season.  Like any elite sport, the more time you devote, the greater the development and the higher the performance.

Personal Development:

There is no question about the important role sports plays in the well-being of youth, in terms of physical fitness and mental health.
Whether our players continue to their baseball careers at the collegiate level, professionally, or simply move on with their education and career, the Canadians baseball club provides our players and their parents with an elite experience.

Time spent in the Canadians program also helps them prepare for adulthood by developing the ability to graciously accept success, remain strong during tough situations and difficult outcomes, and be good members of the community through volunteer service efforts by our players.

Fees - 2023-24:

For the
2024 program year, ONC's team fees are as follows:

14U - $6,250
15U - $7,250
16U - $7,500
18U - $7,500

Fees are paid in four instalments, with an initial payment of $2,500 is required when an ONC roster spot is accepted. The balance of the team fees are paid in three instalments over the Fall, Winter and Spring.